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Prime "Launch Pad"

Our "Launch Pad" is a special home page for your web browser. It is based on a design by John Dvorak, senior columnist at PC Magazine.

It is, in fact, a small web page written in plain text. On it is a Google search engine, and links to many useful and fascinating sites. Included are sections for Personal Banking, Edmonton and Alberta specific sites, free email accounts, Shopping sites, Entertainment, Travel, cooking, and dozens of other interesting and entertaining sites.

To use it, simply download the zip file PCS.ZIP and unzip it in the folder C:\Util on your computer. Then open your browser and click on FILE, OPEN or OPEN FILE, then browse until you find the file PCS.HTM. Double click on it to open it, then set it as your home page. These instructions are also included in the zip file.

Enjoy using our launch pad. If you have any suggestions for sites to be added, please drop us an email.


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