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Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association and Eco Rez Inc. have joined together to promote the recycling of toner and ink jet cartridges through a new program called Diabetes Recycle Ink.

From late 2003 to late 2007 Prime Computer Services was a proud participant in the program. During our involvement in this worthy program, Alberta became the number two province in the entire country for collections. Obviously we can't claim credit for this all by ourselves, but we are proud to have done our part.

Unfortunately, not all cartridges can be recycled. For more information on which can be and about the program in general, please visit Recycle-Ink.

A new program, called "Project Redial" that the CDA started in late 2005 involves collecting old cell phones. Prime will collect the phone you were going to throw away and use it to raise funding for the Canadian Diabetes Association. They don't have to be working -- with or without batteries and accessories. Just check out their web site: Redial