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Tips 'n Tricks


Have you ever wanted to send someone an email with a link to a neat web site, but the address was something like:

Believe it or, that link will get you a map of West Edmonton Mall!

Wouldn't it be nicer, though, to send a link like in your email?

Of course it would. To do this visit Copy and paste the long address into the box and click the button. Then copy the shortened address into your email. Neat eh? And it's free.


Here's another email problem solver: Suppose you have a large file to send to someone and your Internet Provider won't allow files that big as an attachment. What can you do?

You can go to

You key in the email address of the other person, and, optionally, your own email address so they recognize that it came from you. You can even add a short message. You then select the file from your hard drive. When you click the button, the file is sent to their server where it gets assigned a random name such as "0V9AMGPQGEGZW0VHPRCD99BND4" so their staff have no idea what's in the file. They send your friend an email with a link for them to go to to download the file using their web browser, rather than email. If the file is downloaded it gets deleted from their server. They also delete it if it is unclaimed after seven days. This is a free service.