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Travel Agencies

We have a special fondness for the travel industry. We have had the opportunity to be of particular help to many local travel agencies. We have, over the years, helped well over a dozen different travel agencies -- including some of the biggest and most well known -- with various aspects of their systems. This includes both Galileo and Sabre agencies.

With both Galileo and Sabre getting out of the hardware leasing business, it's important that the old leased computers be replaced with high quality equipment that will perform with peak efficiency and last for several years to get the best value for the agency. Prime deals only with the absolute top quality computer equipment. It is not worth our while to sell cheap components; the warranty issues are not worth the slight extra margin on cheap parts.

In today's travel industry, the Internet is the lifeblood of an agency's business. If the Internet is not fast and reliable, or if the internal network slows things down, your business will suffer. Prime is an authorized reseller for Radiant Communications for true "business class" connectivity.

Prime Computer Services is your Edmonton area "one-stop" provider for all your Business technology needs. For INSTANT response, call 780-905-3537 and ask for Mike.

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